"Opportunity lies in the place where the complaints are."

Based on this quote Vivek Desai believes that in today’s time, smallest of inconvenience faced by a large number of people is a huge business opportunity.

Vivek Desai is a second generation entrepreneur who considers his biggest strength to be his compassionate nature. He has always looked at things from the other person’s perspectives and tried to solve it or make it better for them. From an early age, Vivek Desai took a keen interest in the family business and saw the potential to expand it into new territories and ventures. Vivek Desai has done an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Calstate LA.

He also has an engineering degree in computer science. He believes that the most important trait a school should teach to their students is being compassionate. Only then the world will have a generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers if they feel the problems faced by them and also by other in the real world.

No problem is big enough in this world if we all started working towards it as one.


"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."
-a quote by Jim Collins that Samarth Desai lives by.

Samarth is an education entrepreneur who has a knack for solving problems through technology. Born and raised in Gujarat, India, the land of entrepreneurs, Samarth always saw opportunities in problems around him. In 2003, armed with a Bachelors in Computer Applications from the UK, he joined his family occupation that runs private schools in the city.

His journey has been about being a technologist that enables the staff to be their best. Right from the adoption of Google Apps in 2007 to the integration of mobile banking for paying fees, he has led and set many processes in place to ensure seamless growth.

He is an avid reader who strongly believes in the power of people. His current reading includes the likes of Tim Cook the genius who took apple to the next level, Strengthsfinder 2.0. Tom Rath, and business adventure by John brooks

And that makes him even more enamoured with the idea of expanding his business to USA. He knows the American dream is for those who dare and he for sure dares to dream big.